John Pearce

This might be useful for our self-publishing readers.  Nick Daws’ Writng Blog has a review of this product: Today I’m reviewing a new product from John Pearce and Alex Nulsen, currently on special offer at The Warrior Forum. I know many self-publishing authors struggle to create cover images for their e-books, so I was keen to see what Instant [...]

In sitting down to write about this year's Gold Ink judging process, the oft-quoted "out of the mouths of babes" came to mind. This marked my first year of involvement in the contest, and I believe the phrase would provide an appropriate backdrop for a behind-the-scenes account of the process—from start to finish. Many of BookTech the Magazine's readers write to inquire about the adjudication process, so, here's an overview, in anticipation of announcing the 2001 winners in the next issue, and to give credit where it's due—to our staff and tireless judges. 04.02.01-05.08.01 Good things come in all packages At first, the entries

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