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Back in January, at the Digital Book World Conference Nielsen Book president Jonathan Nowell, shared the results of the annual industry report Nielsen BookScan. Nowell packed a ton of information into the 20-minute presentation, tracking how the print market has changed in the U.S. since ebooks rose to prominence. Although print has been negatively impacted, ebooks have actually boosted overall book sales. And some genres are doing better in print than they ever have before.

For years, the pundits have been telling us that all forms of print media would steadily shrink and shrivel as consumers switch to digital media. But here are two recent indications from the U.S. book industry that reality will be a bit more complicated than the soothsayers would have us believe:

1) Unit sales of printed books are on track to increase this year.

2) During the third quarter of 2014, print books actually took market share from ebooks.

Neilsen BookScan has entered its 10th market. The book retail measurement service is now tracking print book sales in Brazil. “We’re keen to develop our service in Brazil because of the enormous potential of a booming publishing market there,” said Neilsen Book president Jonathan Nowell, in a release. “With a population of nearly 200 million starting [...]

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