Keith Richards

There's big money in star memoirs.

But even as hot book deals are in the works from names like Lena Dunham and Bryan Cranston, the most sizzling celebrity tales have yet to be told by the legends who lived them.

From Angelina Jolie to Mick Jagger and A-Rod to Taylor Swift, some of the biggest stars are holding out, leaving publishers lusting for their juicy tell-alls.

A blitz of new book contracts and the success of recent autobios only add to their demand.

Michael Pietsch is Executive Vice President and Publisher of Little, Brown and Company. On April 1 he will step into the role of CEO of the Hachette Book Group. Here Pietsch shares some thoughts about his career with Book Business.

The New York Times' John Williams interviews humorist Joe Queenan about his new book, One for the Books. On the future of print books, which Queenan prefers to ebooks, he is blunt:

"Books, I think, are dead. You cannot fight the zeitgeist and you cannot fight corporations. The genius of corporations is that they force you to make decisions about how you will live your life and then beguile you into thinking that it was all your choice. Compact discs are not superior to vinyl. E-readers are not superior to books."

—Brian Howard

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