Kelly Maragni

"It's never complete." There are always more interesting places to take it," comments Kelly Maragni, director of marketing for Health Communications. Maragni is speaking of the corporate Web site (, which she's been working on continuously for the past two years, with the help of technical and developmental expertise provided by Worldwide Publishing. For example, though blurbs and excerpts and covers are up on the Web, she wonders whether she should videotape an upcoming book signing event and run video clips on the Web. Her clients--bookstores, distributors, wholesalers and chain stores--are also excited about the Internet and want sample covers, book excerpts or promotional

With two years of Web-creation experience under her belt, Kelly Maragni, director of marketing, has spent a great deal of time Web surfing for ideas, and notes that by now there are many impressive sites on the Internet related to book publishing. Here are a few of her favorites, which she offers to BookTech readers as sources for inspiration Newspapers/magazines, etc. 1. The New York Times "I like to scan the headlines daily and check bestseller listings for our books frequently!" 2. Granta magazine "I love the design and there's always something good to read" 3. American Demographics "My favorite place for

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