Keri Smith

Marian Lizzi “grew up at St. Martin’s,” as she puts it, spending fourteen years at the company, beginning as an editorial assistant and working up to building her own list. In 2004 she moved to Penguin’s Perigee Books division, where she is now Editor-in-Chief.

Fragile Earth

Produced by: HarperCollins UK, Collins Geo and Aimer Media

Not tied to a specific title, this app is a project of HarperCollins' Collins Geo, which is best known for "The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World" but also offers data solutions to the likes of National Geographic, the United Nations and the defense sector. Fragile Earth employs stunning photography and satellite images to depict a world in flux. The interface allows users to swipe multiple layers across the screen to illustrate, for instance, how irrigation projects have all but dried up the once-massive Aral Sea (juxtaposing images from 1973, 1986, 2001 and 2009) or the effects of last year's earthquake and tsunami on Japan.

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