Sony has confirmed today that they will not be making another ebook reader - not even for their sole remaining market in Japan.

There will be no PRS-T4, and reports that the remaining stock of the Sony Reader PRS-T3 will be sold until it runs out. That device was was launched last fall in Europe but never shipped in the US, so I'm not sure how many people actually have one.

TBH, this comes as no surprise. After Sony first pulled out of the North American ebook market

Not everything always goes smoothly over at Amazon. PaidContent reports that, for a few hours Thursday night, it seems Amazon inadvertently disabled the Kindle e-book buy buttons on Big Six publishers (and who knows what other publishers?) for a few hours. The company reported it was a “technical issue”. It also affected users’ ability to [...]

Last night, while the world was rushing to buy Mr. Popular Nate Silver's "The Signal and the Noise," Amazon's "buy" buttons for all Big 6 publishers experienced a brief "technical issue."

Laura Hazard Owen over at PaidContent has a great account of the atrocities, providing some context for Amazon's disappearing buttons. —Brian Howard

Quoth LHO: "The most notorious case of Amazon purposely turning off a publisher’s ebook buy buttons happened in January 2010, when the company turned off Macmillan’s Kindle buy buttons to protest the publisher’s implementation of agency pricing."



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