Lance Armstrong

Two startups are trying to do for ebooks what Netflix does for movies. Oyster and Scribd let you read as many books as you want for a monthly price - $10 for Oyster and $9 for Scribd. I was skeptical at first. I can never find enough time to read, and I'm picky about what I do read. I was worried about their limited book selections.

What started as a twitter joke has turned into a legal case. Lance Armstrong and his publishers, Penguin and Random House, are being sued for fraud and false advertising because his books are "not non-fiction".

A class action complaint has been filed in the US Federal court in California by a public relations executive called Rob Stutzman who, in another bizarre twist, was once former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s deputy chief of staff. The other complaint was filed by cycling fan and chef Jonathan Wheeler.

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