Leonardo da Vinci

I’ve already discussed on a previous post how I’m a bit of aTouch Press groupie because I love the way they design their apps and have great partnerships to deliver new content in surprising ways. I reviewed their latest app – Leonardo Da Vinci: Anatomy for iPad here and it made me curious about their development approaches and partnerships. I asked Touch [...]

A publisher turned to an online e-book purchase and delivery service to convert a traditionally printed bestseller into an electronic product by Tatyana Sinioukov It's no secret that more and more publishers turn to the Internet to market their printed books. Few take it to another level by offering a book in a different shape and form--electronically. In the case of Washington, DC-based Regnery Publishing, a division of Eagle Publishing, two of its bestsellers, The Millennium Bug by Michael S. Hyatt, a #7 bestseller in 1998 on the New York Times business list, and The Year of the Rat by Edward Timperlake and William

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