Leslie Hulse

New York, NY - January 14, 2015 - HarperCollins Publishers today announced it has finalized the implementation of EPUB 3 for its e-book production; all new e-books are now being distributed in EPUB 3 with backward compatibility to EPUB 2. The company has implemented RSuite CMS workflows and EPUB transformation to allow for continuous support of the format. HarperCollins and RSI Content Solutions will contribute the EPUB 3 transformation to the DITA for Publishers open-source community so that others may benefit.

From multimillion-dollar acquisitions to multimillion-dollar best-sellers, powerful women stand at every pivotal, decision-making point in the book publishing process. Book Business’ first annual “50 Top Women in Book Publishing” feature recognizes and honors some of these industry leaders who affect and transform how publishing companies do business, and what—and how—consumers read.

In an effort to reach more potential readers on the Web, two of the world’s largest trade publishers have released their own unique viral marketing tools intended to help disperse searchable samples of their book titles across the Internet. Several years after cyberspace mainstays Amazon.com and Google began offering searches for visitors to take a look inside the cover of books, Random House and HarperCollins became the first trade publishers to introduce their own transportable search functions for both retailers and consumers. Unlike those previous available search tools, the two new applications, called widgets, allow users to copy and paste content onto Web sites, blogs

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