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Ebook platform Lithomobilus provides rich reading experiences through multi-threaded narratives (which can be read through one or more characters' perspectives) and embedded commentary. Here founder Lise Quintana describes the platform's recent app launch and why she thinks there's nothing quite like it on the market.

As more and more readers are turning to ebooks, Narrative Technologies has developed Lithomobilus, a flexible ebook platform with an innovative design and navigation to showcase new forms of multi-threaded narratives, as well as traditional linear books.

Lithomobilus, the latest e-reading platform hitting the ether this spring, has flipped the script on reading. Rather than authors having the final say, readers will influence how they experience stories on the Lithomobilus platform.

U.S. literary agent Peter Riva (photo at left), co-founder of the wide-ranging agency International Transactions Inc.,  shared some thoughts on the position of agents, authors and publishers  in today’s digitally disrupted print universe with Lise Quintana, editor-in-chief of Lunch Ticket, “a literary journal from the MFA community at Antioch University Los Angeles.” Some were helpful, some [...]

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