Lorena Jones

The digital revolution was a huge win for the act of publishing. Content is now everywhere and can be purchased anywhere. But how, in this sea of content, do publishers who invest in the time-honored processes that ensure quality content communicate that?

There are many methods to boost content discoverability—many are technical, many are strategic, and all should be tailored to the content and audience in question. The most powerful—and most resilient—method for improving your content's discoverability, however, is to inspire your once-passive audience to actively seek you out.

Active discovery—where customers know to specifically seek out your content—requires branding.

San Francisco’s counter-culture atmosphere has contributed to the artsy and free-thinking essence of a number of the many publishers located there, giving two of them, Chronicle Books and McSweeney’s, more in common than locale. Both are known for meticulous and original design and packaging. Be it high-quality paper-over-board bindings, embossing or die-cuts, or be it never-before-thought-of content and formats, each keeps innovation at the forefront.

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