Marc Boutet

Quebec, April 29 2013 — De Marque, a leader in the field of digital publishing, and Nu-book, the leading North American provider of ereading applications for the publishing industry, today announced that they have concluded a partnership agreement to offer their value-added services to their respective clients. Book publishers around the world can now benefit from both De Marque and Nu-book’s solutions to enhance their ebook distribution strategy through multiple channels.

“De Marque brings together a vast network of over 500 publishers around the world—all of which are at the heart of our Cantook ebook distribution platform. De Marque’s goal is to offer publishers and booksellers high-quality, user-friendly, and efficient tools to support the commercialization of their ebooks. We are thrilled that our clients will now be able to more easily benefit from Nu-book’s sophisticated technology,” explained Marc Boutet, President of De Marque.

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