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Denis Wilson was previously content director for Target Marketing, Publishing Executive, and Book Business, as well as the FUSE Media and BRAND United summits. In this role, he analyzed and reported on the fundamental changes affecting the media and marketing industries and aimed to serve content-driven businesses with practical and strategic insight. As a writer, Denis’ work has been published by Fast Company, Rolling Stone, Fortune, and The New York Times.

Though ebook consumption and self-publishing have eaten into traditional book sales, publishers still rely heavily on profits from printed volumes. And new technology is enabling publishers to bring these books to market more efficiently and more profitably. In fact, the publishing industry's sustainability just might hinge on such nimble approaches to business...

At the Digital Book Printing Conference held at the Marriott Marquis in New York City in November, a rich agenda of content provided the contrasting views of publishers, book manufacturers, and retailers on the future outlook of the industry and ways to positively impact this dynamic and culturally important industry. While there was no lack of opinions and nuances in views of the industry, 10 big takeaways stood out:

Marco Boer, VP of IT Strategies, discusses why we still need printed books during the Digital Book Printing Conference in New York. Join Book Business for the 2nd annual Digital Book Printing Conference on October 27, 2015. Register here.

Last week Book Business and sister publication Printing Impressions held the Digital Book Printing Conference at New York City's Marriott Marquis. The first conference of its kind, the conference (AKA, DigiBook) brought together more than 150 book publishers, book manufacturers, and printing suppliers for a day of networking and education around digital printing. The event provided a platform for attendees to connect with different players in the book publishing supply chain and learn about the opportunities digital printing presents for the industry.

If you happened across Book Business's Twitter feed yesterday, you may have noticed that our team was reporting live from the Digital Book Printing Conference in New York City. The first event of its kind, the conference -- or #digibook as it's known on Twitter -- brought together over 100 publishers, printers, and equipment suppliers for a full day of education and networking aimed at taking strategic advantage of digital printing. As Marco Boer, vice president of IT Strategies, summed up in his closing remarks, "There is a great deal of excitement, opportunity, and commitment to investing in digital printing across these industries."

In the first of our newly-launched Book Business Live! event series, the Digital Book Printing Conference will bring together leading book publishers, manufacturers, and suppliers for a full day of education and networking aimed at harnessing the advantages of digital printing and manufacturing. Industry leadership and attendees will descend on the Marriott Marquis in New York City on November 19th.  Though there are plenty of reasons for book publishers to be optimistic, the future of the industry remains somewhat uncertain. With ebook sales growth tapering off and printed volumes surprisingly resilient yet declining, publishers still have to focus on cutting costs and increasing efficiencies, says Marco Boer, conference chair and keynote speaker. 


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