Marissa Mayer

When Yahoo acquired Tumblr in May for more than $1 billion, there was more than sufficient outcry: Some users fled, others criticized the deal, likening Yahoo to a "mom trying to be hip." The message from Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was that she wouldn't "screw it up." But based on what's happened since, it seems like she's done just that--and the folks in the print-book publishing industry who, for the last six years, have relied on Tumblr blogs to produce a steady stream of readily marketable content, could feel the effect.

We could use more separation between work and life. Are you sure working from home is such a good idea?

I completely get the utopian fantasy of working from home: the baby napping in his crib in the next room, the gold light filtering in through the window, a tagine made with vegetables from the farmers market simmering on the stove, while you are answering emails and brainstorming ideas, the dream of modern connected life. But is that the way it really works out?

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