Mark Gross

In my previous column, Understanding Content Conversion: Unfortunately, There’s No ‘Easy’ Button, I examined the various areas that trip up the eBook conversion process –special characters, tables, hyphenations, and so on.  This column follows on that theme, based on a question from a consultant with a major consulting firm:

    “…I am researching the time it takes on average to convert from PDF to EPUB, including the time it takes to edit the ‘rough’ EPUB file created by the automated conversion …

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc. (DCL), a leading provider of digital publishing services, reports 70 percent of 411 respondents to a survey drawn from a cross section of the publishing industry cited 'quality' as the most important consideration when publishing an eBook. Another important finding is that 63 percent of the respondents plan to publish a digital book in 2012. "Eighteen months ago, more publishers were concerned about getting their information onto an eBook platform and quality was not the overarching theme it is now," said DCL President and CEO Mark Gross. "The survey demonstrates that the

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