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We're rapidly approaching the time in which perpetual copyright hits its existing statutory limits -- so I've fully been expecting an increase in arguments for why copyright needs to be extended again. Of course, the actual economic evidence doesn't support this at all. Instead, the evidence suggests there's tremendous value in a broader public domain. So how will maximalists argue for copyright extension? If a recent paper from economist Stan Liebowitz is any indication, it will be through strawmen and the argument that we should ignore the economics. Seriously.

More After an eventful 12 months that included entering the Basketball Hall of Fame and meeting his estranged father after 42 years apart, Dennis Rodman has now written a children's book. The book is titled "Dennis the Wild Bull" and will be released in September. Rodman's book is being dedicated "to his children, with the intent to relay a positive message to our country's youth and to his own children." "We're not only excited about the project, but we believe its a step in the right direction for Dennis," said Rodman's agent, Darren Prince, on the book's website.

In looking back on 2001, the state of the pulp and paper market can be best described as volatile. And as the strains of "Auld Lang Syne" fade away, the outlook does not appear to be any more stable for the coming year. In fact, due to the dipping economic outlook that many pundits predicted months ago, paper buying has taken on a renewed set of competitive objectives starting foremost (and not surprisingly) with affordability. Since slower publishing demands contributed to a waning paper market throughout 2001, according to the Labor Department's International Price Program, buying habits have been greatly affected. Coupled with international

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