Mike Collinge

Building on their $27 million investment in state-of-the-art printing technology, Webcom Inc, a forward-thinking Toronto based book printer, announces the hiring of a new Director of Sales and Marketing to lead the transformation of book publishing programs.  Effective April 22, 2014, Robert Hayashi joined the executive leadership team and will lead the national sales, marketing and customer service divisions for Webcom.

Toronto, ON, August 16, 2012 - Six months after announcing the addition of an HP T350 digital inkjet press on its production floor, Webcom announces an upgrade of the press to an HP T360 that will increase capacity of book printing by 33%. Improving the speed of short-run inkjet output has a direct correlation to capacity - at a premium during peak publishing seasons.
“An increasing number of our customers are turning to inkjet printing through our BookFWD program for its flexibility and short run cost-efficiencies,” stated Webcom President and CEO, Mike Collinge.

In the current economy, the book manufacturing industry appears to be caught square between the proverbial rock and a hard place: on the one side, a publishing business suffering from decreased consumer demand and on the other, suppliers destabilized by the credit crunch. The industry, however, is showing surprising resiliency, having been thrust into difficult times with eyes wide open. Printers are determined to meet the challenge of a new marketplace defined by multiplatform delivery systems, environmental awareness and niche distribution models in the hopes that the post-“great recession” economy will find a book manufacturing industry emerging leaner, “greener” and more focused on the place of books in a digital age.

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