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In a trendy coffee shop called Elixr, on a side street off of Philadelphia’s toney Rittenhouse Square, there is funky décor, loud music, strong coffee, and, by the door, a small vending machine. From this machine, for two dollars, one can purchase not cigarettes or candy or any of those other typically unhealthy vending machine wares, but, instead, a short story.

Technological disruption in the publishing industry has opened the doors to innovation. Here, four startups share their insights on reinventing book publishing.

Publishing Business Today is excited to feature the Atlantic's latest "Cities" piece featuring fellow and much-respected Philadelphia press, the Head and the Hand. In this new era of publishing, defined by declining print sales and the Big Five's shrinking market share, it is encouraging to see a new press find success with the printed word. Founded a year ago by Nic Esposito, the Head and the Hand reimagines the book industry by focusing on forming deep connections between readers, authors, and the press itself.

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