Olaf Ernst

Following the completion of a pilot program, Springer Science+Business Media has extended its MyCopy e-book service to all academic libraries in the United States and Canada that have purchased Springer eBook Collections. All registered patrons of those libraries will be able to order soft-cover copies of Springer e-books for their personal use by clicking on a button on the Springer platform (http://www.springerlink.com). All books will be sold at the same price, $24.95, which includes shipping and handling within the United States and Canada.

As an early adopter of e-book technology, Springer Science+Business Media has distinguished itself as a digital leader in the science, technical and medical (STM) market and the book publishing industry as a whole. As more and more publishers are now adopting digital distribution strategies, the Germany-based Springer Science—which offers the largest STM e-book and journal collection—continues to move forward and expand the possibilities of e-commerce. Olaf Ernst, Springer’s president of eProduct management and innovation, spoke with Book Business Extra about Springer’s experiences in the e-book market, and what he refers to as the “second e-book wave.” Book Business Extra: E-books have been

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