Part I

News stories and e-books are only two things you can read on your mobile devices. Magazines have become increasingly popular, and for good reason. Just like with e-books, a tablet or e-reader can hold many publications at a time, making magazines just as portable as books. As an added bonus, e-publications don’t take up extra [...]

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Missed Part I of This Series? You can find Part I of this two-part series here. Taking the time to step back and evaluate your company’s publishing software can be challenging enough in the midst of the daily grind, but once you become aware that real problems exist, the bigger challenge can be figuring out how to successfully address them. Part I of this article explored “the decision phase”—or, how to recognize the need for a new system and the triggers that alert you to that situation. In this second installment, you will learn ways to analyze, select and determine the success factors

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