Phil Bradley

In a creative stroke that once seemed merely pertinent but now seems increasingly poignant, UK pro-libraries activist Phil Bradley created a series of “Save Libraries retro posters” on behalf of the #Savelibraries campaign. “I love looking through old posters, advertisements, bill stickers and so on, and I got to thinking, I wonder what the Savelibraries [...]

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PLASTERED on the wall of San Francisco’s main public library are 50,000 index cards, formerly entries in the library’s catalogue. The tomes they refer to may be becoming decorative, too. Not only can library patrons now search the collection online, they may also check out electronic books without visiting the library. For librarians, “e-lending” is a natural offer in the digital age. Publishers and booksellers fear it could unbind their business.

Worries about the effect of libraries on the book trade are not new. But digital devices intensify them.

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