Pope Benedict

Aptara, a provider of digital publishing services, has just announced a new publishing partnership with the Vatican, for whom they will produce ebooks. These ebooks, the Vatican’s first, will be an illustrated series of Pope Benedict’s weekly addresses, dating back to March, 2006.

From the press release: Aptara, a pioneer in digital publishingsolutions, produced the Vatican’s first eBooks, an illustrated series of Pope Benedict’s weekly addresses dating back to March, 2006. With their first foray into mobile publishing the Catholic Church is expanding its reach to younger and more technologically savvy audiences. Available from the Apple Store, the series [...]

From an Aptara publication: In May, Aptara produced the Vatican’s first eBooks, the illustrated version of Pope Benedict’s weekly addresses for the iPad. Available from the Apple Store in Italy, the series contains 13 highly illustrated eBooks. Each of the Pope’s weekly talks focuses on a prominent figure in the Church’s history and is accompanied by elaborate portraits, paintings, and photos. [...]

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