Richard Eoin Nash

Richard Eoin Nash, VP, Content & Community, The primary issue facing publishers is discoverability.  This is a result of the industry’s own success in providing a high level of supply.  Both within the industry and outside it.  2.8 million books published in the US.  Much from content farms, but about 350K from the major [...]

According to Richard Eoin Nash, vice president of Content and Community of Small Demons, the key to winning consumers' attention is to be innovative and discoverable. Nash, an industry veteran and well-known thought-leader, will be speaking at the Publishing Business Conference & Expo about strategies to revitalize the attention on books during his session, A New Way to Drive People to Content.

Editor's note: Huffington Posts' Anis Shivani interviews publishing visionary Richard Nash. Check out Richard Nash's Guest Column in the September/October issue of Book Business, coming soon!

I've been intrigued by Richard Eoin Nash since the time he ran the indie press Soft Skull Press in the 2000s. His new enterprise is Red Lemonade/Cursor, a reader/participant-oriented publishing venture hoping to take full advantage of the social potential of new media. I recently had the opportunity to talk to him via email about the future of publishing in a rapidly changing landscape.

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