We’ve been writing quite a bit lately about book publicity tactics, which is probably why a recent tweet about a Pan Macmillan promo caught my eye this morning. The promotion couldn’t be easier: You post a pre-written tweet about a new Richard House series called The Kills, and then the first book of the series (there [...]

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Ever wondered what causes the smell of old books? According to Richard from AbeBooks, chemists at University College, London have determined that “old books release hundreds of volatile organic compounds into the air from the paper.” This is often associated with the decay of the acidic paper that a lot of these books were printed [...]

Viacom Inc. rang in the New Year with the announcement that it officially completed its division into two publicly traded entities—CBS Corp. and “New” Viacom Inc.—plans for which the company had announced in June 2005. Simon & Schuster, the company’s publishing arm and an international publisher of books and multimedia products that publishes some 2,000 titles annually, is now a property of CBS Corp., along with CBS Television Network, UPN, Infinity Broadcasting, Viacom Outdoor, Viacom Television Stations Group, Paramount Television, King World, Showtime and Paramount Parks. New Viacom will own MTV Networks (which includes Nickelodeon, VH1, Country Music Television and TV Land, among others),

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