Samuel Johnson

Publishers who spent much of the past year in search of the next Fifty Shades of Grey are now seeking to exploit another literary phenomenon: the British public's seemingly unfettered desire for nature writing.

In the past couple of years the genre has moved towards the publishing world's centre ground thanks to several blockbuster books that have enjoyed critical and commercial success. Now it seems not a week goes by without another major new title hitting the shelves, backed by a major marketing campaign.

(Book Business editor's note: Keep your eyes peeled for the September issue of Book Business magazine for a feature on the dictionary business in the digital age)

Although she's philosophical about the matter, Kory Stamper says it's technically wrong to call her the F-bomb lady.

The title fails to appreciate the collaborative nature of her work. But Stamper was the associate editor picked to tell the world how the colloquialism F-bomb made the cut. The Collingswood word maven found herself quoted from here to the Philippines about the flipping phrase.

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