The tech world woke up today to reports of an imminent Apple TV, as Apple works to solidify deals with content providers. The rumored television product could indeed be ground-breaking, not just for television, but for computing as a whole. We’re hearing exactly what Nick Bilton reported earlier this year , that Apple is going to integrate Siri into Apple TV as well as other iOS devices. In fact a multi-platform Siri could be unveiled as early as next week, when Apple announces the iPad 3. Hardcore right? Well our friends over

Steve Wozniak may have co-founded Apple along with Steve Jobs, but the serial tech entrepreneur apparently isn’t letting that cloud his judgment when it comes to evaluating new smartphone technologies.

In a candid interview sure to ruffle Apple fanboys, "Woz"said Google’s Android OS in many ways outperforms the iPhone's iOS operating system.

What, oh what, is the ever mysterious Apple planning for the end of this month?

Kara Swisher of All Things Digital broke the news that Apple is reportedly planning an event for January. It's not what you're thinking: Swisher emphasized that the event would not feature the unveiling of the iPad 3, the next-gen tablet that has long been rumored for a release some time between February and April 2012. Also off the table is any kind of announcement surrounding Apple's television, the much-hyped product, teased by Steve Jobs' biographer Walter Isaacson in several interviews

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