Stella Dauer

The information we were expecting. While everyone is looking for when will Apple iBookstore and Amazon arrives here, Google Books and Kobo stand aside. What does not stop them to continue negotiating their arrival in Brazil. In the event Rakuten Super Expo that took place yesterday in São Paulo, April 25, the company’s vice president Todd Humphrey said that Kobo will arrive in Brazil in the second half.

Kobo is a complete platform. Besides being a virtual book store, it also has applications for various platforms and a range of devices including eReaders and tablets of good quality.

Reprinted, with permission from REB, Revolução E-Book: There is one thing that American publishers haven’t done, and it is a merit of Brazilian publishers. The news came from the newspaper Valor Economico: In this format, called distribution, it’s Amazon that sets the price to be charged of the eBooks, without the intervention of publishers. This value [...]

  Review of Kindle Touch on Świat Czytników – the most popular Polish blog about ebooks, with over 450,000 pageviews a month Two extremely helpful and comprehensive articles about ebook market in Brazil were just published at Futurebook. First one, written by Stella Dauer, describes in detail the state of the ebook technology. Eduardo Melo [...]

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