Steve Wozniak

Apple co-founder and latter-day peripatetic tech guru Steve Wozniak pronounced, courtesy of the BBC’s Click technology program, on how he thinks his old buddies at Apple should learn to share – as should Google, Samsung, and all the rest. “I wish everybody just did a lot of cross-licensing and sharing the good technology, all our [...]

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The FBI has released a 191-page file on former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Gawker notes. The document actually dates back to 1991, when Jobs had long left Apple, but was being considered for an appointment to the President's Export Council in the George Bush Sr. administration. It also makes reference to an earlier bomb threat against Jobs, dating back to 1985.

Steve Wozniak may have co-founded Apple along with Steve Jobs, but the serial tech entrepreneur apparently isn’t letting that cloud his judgment when it comes to evaluating new smartphone technologies.

In a candid interview sure to ruffle Apple fanboys, "Woz"said Google’s Android OS in many ways outperforms the iPhone's iOS operating system.

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