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At the risk of being repetitious (BIG sic.), Steven Pressfield just posted an item by Callie Oettinger on Amazon and Big Publishing that so succinctly summarizes much of what I was driving at in my previous posts, that I can’t do better than refer to it and quote from it at length. Oettinger essentially outlines [...]

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Barnes & Noble, the leading retailer of content, digital media and educational products, and FastPencil, today announced a merchandising partnership that provides FastPencil’s authors with unique access to merchandising programs on NOOK® devices, NOOK reading apps, on and in Barnes & Noble stores.

Founded by Michael Ashley and Steve Wilson, FastPencil offers authors a wide range of publishing services through their proprietary authoring platform as well as two publishing imprints: PREMIERE and Wavecrest.

Self-publishing company FastPencil is offering some of its authors who pay for its service a better chance to get their books into Barnes & Noble retail stores and featured on Nook merchandising platforms. FastPencil hopes that the offering will help set it apart from free self-publishing platforms like Amazon’s KDP. “Barnes & Noble is excited to partner with FastPencil to bring quality, independently published books to our readers,” B&N VP digital content Theresa Horner said in a statement. Starting today, authors who use FastPencil’s Premiere and Wavecrest programs will have “full access to online and in-store placement through Barnes &

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