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How Other Smartwatches Stack Up to Apple Watch (Re/Code) Smartwatches are quickly evolving from geeky, ugly devices into user-friendly, stylish wrist computers. *** Terry Pratchett’s Final Discworld Novel Will Publish September 10 (GalleyCat) The release date for the late Terry Pratchett‘s final novel has been revealed. The Shepherd’s Crown, will be published by Penguin Random […]

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The Telegraph, amongst other sources, is reporting the sad news that author Terry Pratchett has passed away at the age of 66. Pratchett, author of the sci-fi cult series Discword, was battling Alzheimer’s disease for the past few years. From the write-up: “His publishers have paid tribute to the author, who called his disease ‘an […]

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Penguin Random House announced the launch of social retail platform "My Independent Bookshop" yesterday. The website, now in beta, allows users to compile their 12 favorite titles to create a virtual bookshop. Authors can participate as well and set up shop with their most recent works. The recommendation engine is linked to major social channels such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, allowing bookshop creators to share their favorite works with their friends and family.

Terry Pratchett fans celebrated the fantasy novelist’s birthday yesterday. According to Tor.com, the beloved author of Discworld is also “the most shoplifted author in Britain.”

If you want to celebrate, check out the finalists for the first ever Terry Pratchett Anywhere But Here, Anywhen But Now First Novel Award. The winning novelists gets a £20,000 prize as an advance on a publishing contract.

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