Thomas Leliveld

The txtr Beagle e-reader was going to change the way bundled devices were sold by being bundled by carriers with smartphones. The plan was to sell subsidized e-readers to smartphone buyers and make up the difference on e-book sales. But with the little device finally going on sale to U.S. customers for an outrageous $70, that plan seems to have gone back to the drawing board.

It wasn’t supposed to be that expensive. The company touted a $13 price tag.

A new partnership from txtr and ReaderLink will let retail chains and outlets like Target, Walmart, Costco and Stop & Shop sell ebooks through their websites. txtr says the partnership could provide an alternative to Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
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In an attempt to compete with Amazon and Barnes & Noble, Berlin-based ebook company txtr and U.S. print book distributor ReaderLink have partnered to sell ebooks through new outlets: grocery stores, mass merchants, warehouse clubs, drugstores and department stores.

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