Sell Books Through Gift Shops at Zoos and Parks
April 18, 2011

There are similarities between selling books through gift shops at museums and through gift shops at zoos, aquariums and parks. They all try to promote education in their stores to extend the experience of their guests. And since the books are usually sold on a non-returnable basis with discounts averaging 55 percent, you can sell them profitably, too.

Sell Your Books in Museums
April 11, 2011

Every year, millions of people visit thousands of museums, most of which have a gift shop in which books could be sold. If you can help these gift-shop operators educate and entertain their guests, you can sell a lot of books. Since they are usually sold on a non-returnable basis with discounts averaging 55 percent, you can sell them profitably, too.

Selling Books to Airport Stores (Not Just Airport Bookstores)
March 14, 2011

While flying to Oakland, California (from Hartford, Connecticut) last week, I had the opportunity to visit several airports. One thing in common is that they all had at least one bookstore, surrounded by a captive audience of interested—and sometimes weary—travelers looking for something to do to help pass time.

Think Inside "The Box"
March 4, 2011

An interesting article in yesterday's Wall Street Journal, "As Big Boxes Shrink, They Also Rethink," described how the major discount stores and warehouse clubs are rethinking their business models and downsizing as people are buying more products online. Two examples are the Best Buy Mobile stores with a focus on smartphones, and the smaller stores that Wal-Mart is rolling out (40,000 square feet versus its 185,000-square-feet superstores).

Ask the Right Questions and Find More Sales Opportunities
February 11, 2011

Many independent publishers ignore non-trade sales because they do not know where to start selling. Their definition of non-trade marketing is selling books "outside of the bookstore." However, that only suggests where not to sell books; it offers no direction, insight or instruction about where or how to actually do it.

Special Sales: The Buck Starts Here
February 4, 2011

The term special sales is commonly used to describe revenue opportunities outside of bookstores, and it can be a profitable source of new sales. But that definition is hard to get your arms around.

A New and Powerful Book Industry Sector Is Born
June 7, 2010

Self-publishing and online services, e-books, and digital demand printing are joined into a new and powerful sector that is transforming the industry. For industry professionals whose career satisfactions and livelihoods are bonded to the future of the book, this new sector offers a wild ride and a venturesome future.