Britt Brouse

Britt Brouse
A New Era of Book Marketing

Much has changed in the way authors publish and promote their books. With the growth of online book sales, consumer adoption of digital books, and social media, even more channels are available for authors and publishers to connect to audiences.

Streamline Your Workflow—and Maximize Your Content—With XML: Hachette Book Group's Phil Madans on the benefits of using XML to move from a print-centric to a content-centric workflow.

Beyond the printed book, many opportunities exist for publishers today to repurpose content in various formats and to increase exposure via online search marketing. However, if it is impossible to tag a book for search engine optimization, or adapt a book from a print to an electronic version, without copying, pasting and reformatting 100,000 words, then publishers could waste a significant amount of time and money in pursuit of these opportunities.

Building Your Global Publishing Business: Keith Yatsuhashi of the U.S. Department of Commerce's Global Publishing Team on how publishers can successfully tap international revenue streams in book sales, translation and rights.

International sales are an excellent way for U.S. publishers to bolster their bottom lines. Yet, the process can be complicated and present challenges to companies large and small. What began as an ad-hoc working group in the U.S. Department of Commerce to assist publishers in accessing and working successfully with international markets has been transformed into the Global Publishing Team—experts across the United States and around the world dedicated to helping U.S. publishers thrive in international markets.