Porter Anderson

Porter Anderson
Agile Book Publishing Startup LeanPub

“The first copy of a Leanpub book was sold on April 21, 2010,” says Peter Armstrong, whose company Leanpub launched in 2010. “The book was Eric Ries' Startup Lessons Learned, and the price was $29.99. Not all ebooks need to cost $9.99 or less. Since then, we've paid over $700,000 in royalties to authors. Thousands of authors have signed up, and more than 100 books have earned more than $1,000 each."

Bookigee's WriterCube

If you’re struggling with just whatthe relatively new concept of the "entrepreneurial author" means, there's nobody better to ask than Bookigee founding CEO Kristen McLean.

Frankfurt Book Fair 2013: Trains and Trade

Sitting down? Good: There are more than 7,800 exhibitors from close to 100 countries listed for the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair (October 9-13), the world’s largest publishing trade show, and the one that doubles as a showcase for the financial capital of Europe’s railway service.  You'll want to sit down and rest your feet before heading to Frankfurt to try to cover the show!

Hi Startup Moment Mapping the World

Every individual experiences the world in a unique way but, so far, there hasn't been a technology able to capture those experiences in a moment by moment manner. Say hi to "Hi."