Samuel Fifer

Samuel Fifer

Sam Fifer has extensive experience in the fields of intellectual property, and entertainment and media law, including litigation and counseling. He is the US practice leader of Dentons‘ Intellectual Property and Technology practice.  

It's a Small World After All: How Book Publishers & Authors Can Protect Their Rights Abroad

Marshall McLuhan, the famous social scientist, told us more than 50 years ago that newer and more powerful means of communication have turned the world into a "global village," something that brings people together at one level, but at another level, complicates social relationships. A bigger, worldwide, audience increases the number of people who might…

How Publishers Can Protect Their Data & the Privacy of Their Customers

In the “data wars” being fought today, hackers are targeting computer systems and individuals’ accounts, meaning that consumers are often their top targets and victims. But that does not mean that businesses are immune -- far from it. Businesses are composed of people and the most valuable data, and the richest targets available, relate to…