Ipsos Book Trends

Three in Four Adults Read At Least One Book Last Year
September 7, 2007

An Associated Press-Ipsos poll recently revealed that three in four adults (73 percent) read at least one book last year. The study consisted of phone interviews with more than 1,000 adults across the United States over a three-day period in August. Of those who did engage with the written word in 2006, 41 percent read about one to five books, while 27 percent reported reading 15 or more. Religious texts and popular fiction were the most popular choices among the readers. The poll results also noted other prevailing characteristics of those who had read last year, such as age, gender, location and political affiliation. For instance,

Evangelical Publishers Focus on Emerging Markets
February 1, 2006

“Consumer-Centric Publishing” was the theme for this year’s Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) Publishing University, established to help member publishers deliver focused training from a Christian publishing perspective. ECPA chose this theme for the second annual event, held in Bloomingdale, Ill., outside of Chicago, to enhance the publishing professional’s understanding of their customers’ needs. ECPA divided the conference into six educational tracks—advanced management, editorial and content development, marketing and sales management, production and prepress management, information technologies and systems, and publishing 101. The conference featured four plenary sessions designed to help the nearly 400 attendees understand the Christian consumer, the markets in which they