Press Release Discovery House Selects Klopotek to Better Handle Royalty Payments for Content in Multiple Formats
January 13, 2015

Discovery House Publishers of Grand Rapids, Michigan, has selected Klopotek's Contracts, Rights and Royalties (CR&R) system to replace their legacy application. Discovery House, whose goal is to feed the soul with the word of God, publishes content in multiple formats including e-books, DVDs, music, and books. Carol Holquist, Vice-President of Global Publishing for Discovery House,…

Press Release: Klopotek Forms Alliance with NetRead
May 30, 2014

(Parsippany, NJ, May 19, 2014) Klopotek, the industry leader in software solutions for publishers, and NetRead who in 2000 created the first commercial ONIX- conversion application, have formed an alliance to integrate NetRead's JacketCaster and EbookCaster services into Klopotek's Product Planning and Management (PPM) system.

Press Release: Bookmasters Goes Live with PPM Title Management
May 21, 2014

Bookmasters, one of the largest integrated providers of book publishing services in the world, has implemented Klopotek's Title Management module. Title Management is part of Kloptek's PPM (Product Planning Management) suite of software. It is a feature-rich metadata management system built on worldwide publishing best practices. It supports all industry identifiers and standards including ONIX3.0.

Publishing in the Cloud is the next big important subject
July 9, 2012

Much of the change we are living through in publishing is plain as day to see. The shift from print to digital, like the shift from stores to online purchasing, is evident to all of us, inside the industry and out.

But there’s another aspect of the change that is not nearly as visible and that’s around systems and workflows. Publishing, even in the pre-digital age, was a systems-driven business.

Exercising Your Rights
September 1, 2007

Publishers of all sizes have to manage detailed and vital information about the rights they own, the rights they have sold, and the royalties they either owe or are owed. It can be a significant accounting undertaking. Especially with the burgeoning digital marketplace, book publishers are increasingly redistributing their content in any number of ways and thus, generating additional revenue––as well as the need to manage additional rights and royalties. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions on the market today, from services that help publishers license their content to those that help automate the tracking and payments process to save time and

Distribution Goes Digital
August 1, 2007

“We are leading the pack by building a digital warehouse, which is the digital equivalent of our print warehouse,” commented Jane Friedman, president and CEO of HarperCollins Publishers, in the May issue of Book Business. This is the ultimate sign-off on the industry’s embrace of the future, and its take-back of content control from trailblazers such as Google, Amazon and Yahoo. For some years now, various technology vendors have enabled publishers to deliver electronically formatted versions of their titles for special purposes. These have included applications such as conversions to XML formats (e.g., Publishing Dimensions), proprietary e-book reader formats (Mobipocket), sight-impaired applications (National

Tips for E-Commerce Solution Shopping
February 1, 2007

In the ever-changing world of multimedia and shoppers who expect things at the click of the mouse, e-commerce solutions are in high demand. “These days it’s so important to give your Web customers a great experience,” says Jim Morse, president of Morse Data Corp. To do so, it is important to select solutions that fit your company size, scope, staff and budget. The following advice from several e-commerce solution providers can help guide you through the process of deciding which product works best for your company. “A publisher should analyze the cost of not only the development of a solution, but the manpower

Going with the Flow
November 1, 2006

It’s more important than ever to get books to the market fast. More days in production can mean fewer days on the market and fewer sales. For many publishers, especially those producing many titles simultaneously, good production scheduling tools are essential in keeping projects easily trackable, on schedule and problem-free. Here, Book Business takes a look at some of the industry’s leading software providers and the software on the market to help you with the complex task of production scheduling. AEC Software Product: FastTrack Schedule 9 Description: Colorful timelines and calendars are designed to illustrate project deadlines, status and goals. Production details are centralized, aiming to control your

Klopotek and Global Turnkey Systems Join Forces
October 6, 2006

Klopotek AG, the global market leader in standard publishing software, is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, Klopotek North America, has acquired Global Turnkey Systems, Inc. (GTS), a leading US based supplier of publishing solutions and GTS will operate as a division of Klopotek North America. The Klopotek group provides standard publishing software and solutions specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of the worldwide publishing industry. With this merger Klopotek has reinforced its position as the premier software supplier, able to support the publishing value chain internationally. As a result of the merger, Klopotek will have more staff, more customers and

E-commerce-Solution Shopping Made Easy
June 1, 2006

Last year, retail e-commerce totaled $88 billion, or 2.4 percent of total U.S. retail sales, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. In the first quarter of this year, U.S. retail e-sales hit $25 billion—2.7 percent of total retail sales for the quarter ($906 billion). And based on the average annual growth rate (in the mid 20-percent range) of the last few years, 2006’s year-end e-commerce totals are likely to top $110 billion. Book publishers in almost every market have launched e-commerce sites to tap the growing potential in e-sales. Major publishers such as Scholastic (ShopScholastic.com), Random House (RandomHouse.com), McGraw-Hill (Books.McGraw-Hill.com), Penguin Group