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Marvel Entertainment to support Stop Online Piracy Act
December 29, 2011

Marvel Entertainment is to actively support the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).The US House Of Representatives has released a list of organisations in favour of the anti-piracy bill, which includes the publisher and its parent company Disney.No other comic book firms appeared on the document, though DC Entertainment's parent company Time Warner did feature. Book publishers such as Hachette, Macmillan, Harper Collins, Penguin and Random House are also in favour of the controversial legislation.SOPA aims to allow service providers to tackle websites deemed to be in violation of copyright infringement. Opponents of the bill warn that it could be

Marvel Spins a New Service on the Web
November 16, 2007

Marvel Comics, a division of Marvel Entertainment Inc., launched a new online subscription service, Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, this week. For a monthly fee, subscribers will have access to thousands of Marvel titles, including the first-ever issues of “Amazing Spider-Man,” “The X-Men” and “Incredible Hulk,” as well as more recent titles. The site ( offers subscribers a variety of features, including search and recommendation features, personalized reading-list tools and multiple online viewing options. For a limited time, Marvel is offering readers the opportunity to experience the online subscription service at no cost with a free sampling of 250 titles. “With