Dave Limp

Amazon's new Kindle-friendly typeface is now available on iOS. The Bookerly typeface was quietly introduced last year on Fire tablets, replacing Caecilia as its standard. The serif typeface was created specifically for the Kindle and, like Google's recently announced Literata, is designed explicitly for e-books. As FastCoDesign reports, Bookerly combines elements from both Caecilia and Baskerville, resulting in a typeface that more closely resembles printed typography.

Also bundled in the update for the iOS Kindle app is a new layout engine that creates smoother typesetting across pages. Gone is the absolute justification that the company has deployed until now

Amazon has another (pretty much) informationless press release out about Kindle sales this morning.

The closest thing we get to real data: Worldwide Kindle sales over the holiday shopping weekend were more than double last year's sales.

Awesome! Right?

Well, we have no clue because Amazon has never revealed absolute Kindle sales numbers. For all we know, Amazon sold 10,000 Kindle tablets and e-readers over the weekend.

Amazon has introduced a new service called Whispercast that will help organizations take better control of content on large numbers of Kindles, the company announced today.

Ideally, Whispercast will give schools and other organizations a single touch point for buying and distributing e-books, PDFs, and more to students and employees with Kindles. Whispercast also works with the Kindle apps for iOS, Android, PCs, and Macs.

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