Ernie Sander

One of the concurrent conferences under the BookExpo America umbrella, the International Digital Publishing Forum's (idpf) Digital Book 2012 has, for the last two days, tackled the digital reading from a multitude of angles, and with specific emphasis on Business & Marketing, Technology & Production, and Education & Professional.

As we eagerly anticipate Book Business blogger extraordinaire and general man-on-the-scene Eugene G. Schwartz to weigh in with his detailed conference recap and analysis, we'll provide some quick takes from the two-day conference.

Ernie Sander, Executive Editor, PaidContent: print advertising and circulation dropping, digital advertising flattening, audiences fragmenting, increasing time spent on social media vs. other content. On the other hand: tablet and mobile usage soaring, video and mobile advertising growing rapidly, easier than ever to publish and promote content.   Some publishers to watch: Spotify, Maker Studios, [...]

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