Frederick Chong Rutherford

Some of you, over the last week, may have noticed me proclaiming the coming of the future… The Futurist Panel, that is. Yesterday we convened the first of what will be a monthly gathering of forward-thinking publishing experts. In a wide-ranging 30-minute conversation, this insightful group began some interesting inquiries into how publishing has changed and will continue to morph, and how its future identity might shape up. 

Join us today for the first episode of our new monthly video chat: The Futurist Panel.  At 3PM EST, we invite you to join our Google Hangout as we talk about: "what is publishing, exactly?" "Can we decouple publishing from technology or are they one and the same?" and other pressing futuristic questions!

At our Publishing Business Conference & Expo in September, one very popular session was called "The Futurist Panel." Convened and organized by the visionary Brett Sandusky, it included a number of forward-thinking and innovative publishing folks, encouraged publishers to think more like software designers and less like, well, publishers, and debated the future of publishing as a craft and the core strengths publishers need to develop to compete in the publishing landscape of tomorrow.

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