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The recent news that Rakuten is acquiring OverDrive, as Gary Price reports on Infodocket, is, or is not, news. It's news if you didn't see this coming (shame on you!), but not news if you have been observing the industry of late. As I have noted on the Kitchen before, the environment is ripe for consolidation. We will see more of it in the months ahead. Sometimes consolidation is simply a matter of buying up market share, a tried and true strategy in mature markets, and sometimes there is a deeper component to it

Book Business spent the last two days soaking up the publishing wisdom on display at the Digital Book World conference at the Hilton New York.

You can check out twitter, @bookbusinessmag, for the full play by play. Below are some highlights.

-Following the Children's Content in Context breakout session on Wednesday, we got to exchange a few quick words about our mutual love of the Android platform with none other than LeVar Burton, who was at the session to support Reading Rainbow CEO Asra Rasheed. "I'm a nerd," explaind Burton during the session with regard to his affinity for the Google mobile OS.

It seems as if a new chapter in the Big Six’s war with libraries has been written. Beginning on October 1, libraries interested in acquiring backlist e-books from Hachette will have to pay approximately 220% more than they would today. Infodocket’s Gary Price seems to have been the reporter who broke the story late last week; he apparently obtained [...]

From Full Text Reports.  Full Text Reports is edited by TeleRead contributor Gary Price and consists of a hand-picked selection of documents from academe, corporation, government agencies, interest groups, NGOs, professional societies, research institutes, think tanks, trade associations, and more.  Our law currently treats records of our reading habits under two contradictory rules – rules [...]

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