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The days when a single Kindle Daily Deal could catapult an unknown book up the New York Times bestseller list are probably behind us now. And big publishers are experimenting more and more with price promotions, so that a super-low price on a self-published ebook isn't enough to help it stand apart. So as more and more and more ebooks are published, how have the mechanics of price promotions changed?

I moderated a panel on this topic at the Digital Book World conference last month

Discoverability may seem like an overworked buzzword, but its importance to publishers has never been greater. As readers shift from purchasing books at brick-and-mortar stores to shopping online, publishers need to find new and innovative ways to get eyes on their titles.

With ebooks as a popular medium for readers and writers, there has to be a way to wade through the noise to find the books you want to read. BookBub looks to be that middleman by promoting discounted books to email subscribers. The company was launched in early 2012 by Josh Schanker and Nicholas Ciarelli. [...]

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Given the exponential proliferation of free and cheap digital content in the marketplace — to say nothing of the platforms upon which one can consume that content — it's never much of a challenge to find something to read. But finding something you want to read at a great price? Therein lies the rub.

Enter BookBub, a Cambridge-based email recommendation engine that delivers daily ebook deals, for titles across a wide range of platforms, to its million-plus members based on their tastes and interests.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--BookBub today announced it has surpassed one million subscribers. The company, which sends readers a free daily email alerting them to limited-time discounts on acclaimed ebooks, is currently signing up between five and ten thousand new subscribers a day.

“When BookBub helps readers discover a new author or book they love, they want to share the experience with their friends.”

"The response to BookBub has been phenomenal, " said Josh Schanker, BookBub's president and co-founder. "Readers love taking advantage of the great deals, and publishers have found us to be an effective way to gain exposure for their titles and authors."

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