Katie Couric

In most publishing houses, marketing and publicity are separate departments. And they should be. Even though each is tasked with book promotion, their methods and responsibilities are actually quite different: Publicity reaches the consumer through the media, and marketing reaches the consumer directly. But just because they're different, it doesn't mean the two departments can't — or shouldn't — work closely together. In fact, in this ever-changing marketplace, they need to work together like never before.

Last week, while you and I were at our desks working, the cool kids were in Aspen at the Aspen Ideas Festival, which continues through tomorrow. There’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting around brainstorming with creative folks, so I was glad to at least have fly-on-the-wall access to the festival through the videos and other materials posted on its website.

For sixty years, the festival “has been the nation's premier gathering place for leaders from around the globe and across many disciplines to engage in deep and inquisitive discussion of the ideas and issues that both shape our lives and challenge our times.” It covers world politics, the environment, technology, science, health, education, the economy, arts, and society—something for everyone.

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