Matteo Berlucchi

John Scalzi won't have to field any tough questions about how digital rights management software (DRM) works at tonight's book signing. The author—out on tour promoting his newest science fiction novel, "Redshirts: A Novel with Three Codas"—says those difficult discussions popped up regularly when he engaged with his tech-savvy fan base in the past. But he doesn't expect any of that negative discourse at tonight's Boston-area signing event—or at any of the other scheduled stops on his current campaign to promote the New York Times bestseller.

When we put on conferences, we sometimes book speakers because of who they are, or who their company is, but we also do our best to make sure the content of their presentation will be useful to our audience. So I had booked Matteo Berlucchi, the CEO of the British ebook startup Anobii, to speak at last January’s Digital Book World 2012 some months before the event for two reasons. For one, I had met Matteo at our Pub Launch London conference last June and he impressed me.

On FutureBook, Philip Jones posts a summary of the first episode of his new podcast, The Naked Book. This episode had to do with DRM, and featured talks with people including Anobii chief executive Matteo Berlucchi (who I’ve previously covered for his presentation stating that publishers should bite the bullet and drop DRM so they [...]

On FutureBook, Anobii CEO Matteo Berlucchi has posted an essay expanding on the points he made in the Digital Book World presentation I mentioned the other day. Berlucchi proposes that DRM is not helping the fight against piracy, and may even be driving people to piracy as they want to be able to do more [...]

Jeremy Greenfield reports on the Digital Book World site that Matteo Berlucchi, CEO of social e-tailer Anobii, is urging publishers to drop DRM restrictions on their e-books as a way to fight Amazon. In a DBW slideshow presentation, Berlucchi argues that the big e-vendors use device choice to lock in consumers, licensing rather than selling [...]

Matteo Berlucchi, chief executive of the social e-retailer Anobii, has urged publishers to drop the restrictions placed on how readers use e-books. Berlucchi told delegates at New York digital conference Digital Book World that the move would allow Kindle...

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