The statement that the Canadian publishing industry is hanging by a thread is nothing new -- indeed, fearing the demise of Canadian culture seems to be almost as important to Canadian culture as the creation of Canadian art and literature itself. The bell has tolled for the future of Canadian literature so often that we've learned to tune it out. And through all those warnings, the Canadian publishing industry has found a way to survive.

This time, however, things are different.

Blast-Off by Rose Blessing Ever sit around brainstorming about a new product idea? Before World Book embarks on the creation of a new product launch, these are some of the questions that development teams typically consider, Ross explains. Concept and Content What kinds of content do you plan to use? Photos, illustrations, text, graphs, charts? How will you get it&emdash;assign it to on-staff writers or illustrators? Derive it from previous products? Gather from a third party? Should a new technology be incorporated, like a hot new kind of image or animation? How much value will it really add? What is the audience? Is it entertainment? How-to? Education? A blend? Is the concept

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