Eugene G. Schwartz is editor at large for ForeWord Reviews, an industry observer and an occasional columnist for Book Business magazine. In an earlier career, he was in the printing business and held production management positions at Random House, Prentice-Hall/Goodyear and CRM Books/Psychology Today. A former PMA (IBPA) board member, he has headed his own publishing consultancy, Consortium House. He is also Co-Founder of Worthy Shorts Inc., a development stage online private press and publication service for professionals as well as an online back office publication service for publishers and associations. He is on the Publishing Business Conference and Expo Advisory Board.

According to a story posted on Mediabistro’s Galleycat blog, Amazon is now accepting Kindle e-book returns within seven days of purchase. Unlike Barnes & Noble and Sony, who won’t accept returns, Amazon makes it easy. You can request a return and refund by visiting the Manage Your Kindle section of Amazon’s website, clicking the Actions tab for the e-book [...]

I got my first ebook reader, and started posting to Mobile Read and Teleread, just over five years ago. In the time since, I’ve seen the birth of the Kindle and Kobo, the fall of Fictionwise and Sony, the advent of agency pricing and geographical restrictions, and both publishers and authors try all sorts of [...]

From Best Media Info: Penguin Books India has launched its first tranche of eBooks. This will be the first extensive list of Indian ebooks to be published internationally by an Indian publisher and will be available from all the major international ebook retailers – Amazon, Apple, Kobo and Google, Gardners, Sony, OLF, Apabi, Go Spoken/Mobcast, [...]

  Until recently, Smashwords ‘shipped’ new book releases, new book updates and metadata updates to Smashwords retailers (Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony, Diesel, Baker & Taylor, etc) on a once-weekly basis.  As promised in December, in the last couple weeks we’ve begun increasing shipment frequency for the retailers that can support it. About [...]

On Tuesday, novelist Danielle Steel released 71 of her works, including the new "One Day at a Time," as digital downloads on and The eBook Store by Sony, representing the largest online release by an author in a single day. This is the first time Steel's books, which are published by Random House division Bantam Dell, have been made available in digital format.

With the advent of electronic ink, or e-ink, the Sony Reader, the Amazon Kindle and the .epub formatting protocols, the era of the e-book in the United States may be on its way. If you are a publisher or book producer, sooner or later you will be delivering electronic versions of all of your titles for distribution through a burgeoning network of electronic channels—if you’re not already doing so. It may be tomorrow, it may be next year or possibly later, but I guarantee the need to do so will be thrust upon you by the marketplace. While it is true that complex

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