Following the imaginary author online radio station publicity stunt for the non-book S released under the auspices of “creator” J.J. Abrams, we have another English book promotion exercise that stretches the limits of the credible – and tests the boundaries of the emetic. This time, it’s the launch of Stephen Ward is Innocent, OK by [...]

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A thoughtful reader just forwarded me a link to a fairly fascinating mini-essay by Alan Jacobs; it was posted in the technology department of the The Atlantic‘s website a little earlier today. (Thanks Stephen!) Jacobs’ essay presumes to be something of a progress report insofar as e-reading technology is concerned. But from where I stand, [...]

Self-published author John Locke has signed a deal with a traditional publisher. The print editions of John Locke Books will be sold and distributed by Simon & Schuster, the company announced Monday.

Locke was the first— and so far, only— self-published author to sell a million Kindle ebooks. He writes thrillers starring the character Donovan Creed, and has published the popular, "How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months!"

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