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The recent news that Rakuten is acquiring OverDrive, as Gary Price reports on Infodocket, is, or is not, news. It's news if you didn't see this coming (shame on you!), but not news if you have been observing the industry of late. As I have noted on the Kitchen before, the environment is ripe for consolidation. We will see more of it in the months ahead. Sometimes consolidation is simply a matter of buying up market share, a tried and true strategy in mature markets, and sometimes there is a deeper component to it

Much has been written about publishers' early reluctance to license or sell any e-books to libraries. That  is mostly past.

But don't get crazy and think that this must mean there is actual agreement or standards about how to structure the relationships between e-book publishers and their library customers.

Steve Potash,  President and CEO of OverDrive, the Cleveland-based provider of technology for managing and distributing digital content for lending libraries,  described the various schemes that publishers and producers have structured for charging their library clients for their digital materials.

Overdrive made some announcements over the last week. The first came on Friday where the e-book lending company announced it is taking steps to offer its digital content in China. The company stated it will be working with libraries, school and retailers to establish digital lending platforms in China. OverDrive CEO Steve Potash signed a an [...]

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Quietly, the Austin Public Library system began offering e-books for download last month. It's part of a nationwide trend, as online retailer Amazon rolled out library-borrowing capabilities for its Kindle device in September. And while some libraries have been lending e-books for some time, the Kindle's entrance promises to open them up to an even wider audience.

In the first significant revision to lending terms for ebook circulation, HarperCollins has announced that new titles licensed from library ebook vendors will be able to circulate only 26 times before the license expires.

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