Travis Alber

"Social reading" is a concept that continues to gain momentum in today's publishing industry, propelling the likes of Medium and Wattpad to widespread popularity. ReadUps hopes to be the next social reading platform to make a splash and differentiates itself by making a Readup (think "meet up") a temporary affair. Here founder Travis Alber explains why the platform's transience lends it strength.

Tools of Change interview with Travis Alber of ReadSocial.   Social reading is gaining momentum. There are quite a few startups involved in this space, and most of them simply assume your Facebook friends share the same reading interests you do. ReadSocial is different. In this TOC interview, we hear from ReadSocial co-founder Travis Alber (@screenkapture) on [...]

Got the following email from ReadSocial’s co-founder, Travis Alber (who is also the founder of BookGlutton): … I wanted to drop you a note that we’ve officially launched ReadSocial (we’ve been working with a few testing partners for some time, but now we’re officially “launched”). We’re glad to give you a live demo next time you’re in the city. Overview: [...]

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